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To get on a somewhat spiritual tip and get inspired, The Wu-Tang Manual by The RZA is always a good go-to book and definitely a good read! :D
So what is absolutely a must read for beginners with no experience at all? I am heading to the library today so I want something I can get lost in?
Want a good read about inside the industry , not a technical read , more a story .
"Wall of Pain" is a fine read , a biography of Phil Spector .
Sounds good, but I was looking more for a way to get involved in how to make beats, terms, stuff like that I am beginning my journey. Library status
I've noticed that a lot of people have read and suggested reading Napoleon Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich. Another good book by Mr. Hill and a fellow named W Clement Stone is, Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude. It's as good, or possibly even better than Think and Grow Rich. I'd like to remind people that just because you read a book doesn't mean you are going to become rich. In fact, if your sole purpose in life is to become rich, you've pretty much missed the point and all the reading in the world won't help you. I'd highly recommend first reading the manual of whatever piece of equipment that you may own. Also I'd recommend any and all books pertaining to the art and the craft of making music. In other words, learn how to play an instrument. Then learn how to play that instrument with others. Then learn about recording and recording techniques, and production. And last, but not least, learn about the business of music. If your sole purpose in life is to become rich and famous, you need to reexamine your life and your priorities.
Jack Knight How To Write A Hit Song

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[h=2]Jack Knight The Art of Writing a Hit Song: The Urban Experience[/h]
Are books enough to get a decent amount of music theory ? or should i go to some actual classes aswell ?

working with a teacher is important so that you know that you actually have understood the material but if you use some of the on-line sites like then you can test your knowledge acquisition as you go with their testing suite.

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Rick Snoman Dance Music Manual: v. 2: Music Theory and Practical Composition (Paperback) ~ due out shortly
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I've been scanning through these pages and 'Dance Music Manual Music Theory and Practical Composition' keeps popping.

I've been wanting to get this book but..

I CAN'T seem to find it ANYWHERE!

It's out of stock from most of the shops and i can't even find it on ebay. Except for the first volume.

If anyone knows where i can find it please let me know.

the second book is not due for release until next week and some stores have a secondary release date of November
I'm glad I came to this thread. I have been looking for books to read so that I can increase my knowledge of this industry.
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