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There are loads of good books out there. Try checking out the Sound on Sound Issues...


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Does anyone have experience with dancemusicproduction's DVD's ?

I have the Dance Music Manual but i'm not sure if i'll learn anything new if i purchase their DVD's.


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Dance Music Manual by Rick Snoman

It's target audience is dance musicians but it's great for anyone who's new to the producing scene. It does a great job explaining many areas of your daw, let it be compressing, sound gate, reverb, things like that. It also does a good job describing each type of sound wave individually, things you should and shouldn't do during basic recording/producing and will give any novice producer a better understanding of their daw and how to produce. I highly recommend it.

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I found 'Dance Music Manual' on Amazon, not sure if it's the same book you're looking for but here's a link to it:

Dance Music Manual: Tools, Toys, and Techniques: Rick Snoman: 9780240521077: Books


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As per hitz suggestion Im making a list of recommended books.

Books concerning overall success in life:

"Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill
-A MUST MUST ABSOLUTELY MUST read book about pretty much how to use the most valuable asset you will ever have - your head.

Any other books by him are great as well.

Music Theory

"Theory of Harmony", "Counterpoint" and "Fundamentals of Composition" by Arnold Schoenberg - a contemporary composer, the first 2 books will give you a wealth of knowledge that can pretty soon teach how to compose entire symphonies.

"6 Steps to Songwriting Success" - Jason Blume, a good read with some real gems.

And add some other stuff dudes, I aint doin all the reading.

Napolean hill is the best mentor who ever lived , that i think every serious mankind who want success should read his book to accumulate riches.

nice post and keep up reading
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