Recommended Books

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Modern Recording Techniques by David Miles Huber and Robert Runstein. A great book for beginning audio engineers and experienced ones alike. Written in plain english, easy to understand, just a great reference book to have around the studio. 630 pages, covers everything from AAC to Copyright protection, to Hi-hat Miking technique, to MIDI, to punching in, to Spectrum Analyzer, to waveform characteristics, to Zenith magnetc tape head alignment. Literally reading from the index.

Lewis Walker

I vouch for "Think And Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill.
Quite possibly the most important book you'll ever read in your life.


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Mastering Music At Home by Mitch Gallagher
I checked it out at the library. Still haven't returned it.
I've read it about 2 or 3 times. I recommend it to
everybody who's serious about mastering their own


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Thanks for the book suggestions. So many to read, so little time! :)

is this a book about becoming rich with money and material things? Or is it some metaphor for a "rich" and happy life??

Yes, it's actually about money. But as with good books on the topic, it can be applied to other things as well.


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Thank you for the book suggestions, this post is something I have been searching for the past few days.


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I've been thinking about picking up some books, but I'm wondering how much of the information can't be found by just searching around the net.

Cory P.

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What I've found is, books that have nothing to do with music, will help you become a better musician.

For example:
Robert Greene - "The 48 Laws of Power", "Art of Seduction", "33 Strategies of War".
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