Normal vs. Battle Layout



Anybody here just mix but keep there tables in the battle layout? How well does it work?

...have always had mine battle styleee. i find it much easier to do long, smooth mixes with it the other way though. battle style is a better set-up if you like to really tweek and scratch- your less likely to get snaged by the arm when reachin for the mixer quickly.
i mix and rarely scratch and my setup is battle style. they are that way because i bought a battle style coffin that can be carried by one person. it makes you have to reach for the pitch but that is not a big deal and the advantages are easy cueing and scratching and you never accidentally brush the power dial.
yeah i ma a ttist, and i mix drum and bass, i am a battle style dj, it isnt that hard man, there is basically no difference, just because the pitch control is in a different place doesnt make it any different, unless u have placed some vestax vertical turnies in a new battle style, now that would be hard :)
I like battle style, also, for the angle of the pop-up light on the record.
I'm new to this.... what's the difference between battle style and normal?
conventionally the tonearm would swing in from the upper right corner of the table to the left into the record. battle style has the table rotated 90 degress counter-clockwise so that the tonarme swings down into the records so it is now located the farthes edge away from you. This method's used for battle/scratch dj's so as to give their arm/hand more room for scratching and grabbing the record.

Like in this pic.


here's a closer pic but it's a bad quality one. I looked for a quick picture to show you and this was the first I found, and looking at it, that vestax mixer looks farked lol


Anyways see how the tonearm is positioned to maximize room for someone scratching? This is battle style.

personally i have my TT set-up battle style...i Dj hip-hop/Rnb/gargage and in the clubs it's easlier for me to flip the wax/cut & skratch....but in most bars/clubs it is set-up normal style and i find myself mixing more and being more careful battle style looks like you mean bizness
who 1st invented the battle layout???
it's a vestax pmc-06T I guess, I've never seen it.




I just typed in Dj setup in yahoo and this was the first link that came up lol

I have those pictures of your setups Mangazm on my computer bc they're sweet and the pics are perfect quality, but I didn't know the link.

I'd like to put a pic of my setup on here just to feel proud of it too :) lol

weird mixer though huh, vestax pmc-06T.

Mangazm, you're the one doing battle style in those pics right? P.S. I've got those same mats only green, do you like them? I find they're not slippy enough and they actually seem to put more crap on the records than they're supposedly to be able to clean off. :)

Homegrown if you see this, didn't you say you have a Mixstick? lol I think this one's skinnier.
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homegrown said:
yeah i ma a ttist, and i mix drum and bass
can it get any better than that?
hey Homegrown ever heard of System D ?
Well if the problem with your slip mats it's that they are not slippery enough then man I gotta solution for you, go buy wax paper and put it under the wanna talk about slippery and qucik as hell release....and yeah that mixer is a bit f****d up, must be a stright up TT'ism style mixer.........any one?
I forgot to mention that I already have reynolds wax paper underneath them, I had to suggest that to a few other people already :)
werd werd.....then I guess you need to break down and buy some new ones, lemme ask you this...what kinda crap is getting on your rekkidz is it like fuzz balls and that type of stuff? if it is fuzz balls try doing this, get yourself a disposable razor (like the one's u shave with) and try shaving down a bit, if that doesn't work try taking them and washing them and sticking them in he dryer for a while that may work, and if that doesn't work then I say the hell with it go buy some new one's lol...:D ;)
yeah, my setup is the battle style one with the roland, but since that picture was taken i have traded in my stantons for a couple of used mk2's, got a good deal on them. my roomie has the m3d's and the numark but he just ordered the vestax 25 w/ rotary knobs.

those slipmats aren't to slippery (maybe they should be called stickmats?) but i like them because 1. they are pretty and 2. warped records sit better on them. i learned this back when the mats we used were the complimentary technic mats, i would go to the record store down the street and listen to sh!t on their decks which had those fancy mattechs and records never seemed warped until i brought them back and played them on my roomies tables with the technic mats. so i bought some mattechs (purple for the numark, orange for the roland, got to match) and warped records give me less of a problem now.

and haha, post a pic of your setup merc so i can put it on my desktop.

that vestax is crazy skinny, loks like a hammer.
yeah man, a setup is a setup is a setup, sort of :) Given if it's quailty equipment and only a 3peice it'll still look like a setup :) I'm confused lol, they're all nice to look at bc you know everyone's doin' there thing on 'em and we all know the thing :D

The wavy slipmats do look nice on black techs though. Got a matching dark green bed sheet folded over a coffee table to match it up a bit. My mixer is the pmc-170a so it being silver I guess it'll go with any mats (though like I said I don't prefer them).

There's something about that vestax and the titanium though that gives the set such a sharp clean look to it.
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