New track all feedback will be returned honestly

The vinyl cracks are awesome hehe :). You sampled it very well but everything is too repetitive, maybe some higher sounds could add more ambiance. But I like how you play with the vocals and the sidechaining is yummy :D. I am not into this kind of music but I like how you arranged everything and thought about how to use the instruments, sounds and effects.

Keep it up man! I would really appreciate it if you could check my work out :
Its good, but its really undynamic. I get the minimal vibe but I feel like it needs some more tension and release in energy, which can be done in subtle ways if you still wanna hold onto the minimal sound. Its very cool sounding but it just sounds like a slowly changing loop to me.

Also I would put more bass in that kick to really smack that riddim down on the floor.
What I hear sounds good, but try to throw some more percussion and effects n stuff over there. And maybe a little more bass in the kicks!

Keep it up!