Most Underated Producer


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NO I.D.....Bink...Ski Beatz......Andre 3000 is coming up (im from the south so ill support the south).....KLC......Black Milk

oh and organized noise 2
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9th been slept on cuz he use fruity loops but the man got beats though i mean i can bang out 20-30 hits a day on fl.


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Personally, I think that the following producers are truly slept on...

3.Kev Brown
4. Buckwild
5. Beats By The Pound
6. EZ Elpee
7.Saleem Remi
8.Young Guru (people tend to forget that he was there when Just Blaze and kanye were at the Roc too)
9. Mannie fresh ( they never give him his just due when they speak of the elite circles i.e Dre, Timbo, Premo, Pete Rock, etc but they forget that he singlehandedly created CMR's whole sound, and their entire catalogue)
10.Me, nah just kidding but I think that people sleep on Rich Harrison alot too, especially when they speak of hot R&b producers. I mean, you always hear about B.Cox, Darkchild, Bryce wilson, and the like but they tend tend to sleep on him a bit too much.
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How about all the producers at Bad Boy for biggie's,mary j blige,112,carl thomas,faith evans,mase,the lox, all the songs they produced and never got the proper credit for. while p diddy just stamp his name as producer on...take dat ..take dat..take dat...bad boy
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how is mannie fresh under rated? he gets lots of credit for the wack beats he does. some of you dont know the meaning of under rated.

thats what i was gonna say some of them in this thread are naming producers they like and they THINK are slept on... thats not the meaning of underrated

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Come on guys everyone is mentioning underground producers thats now under rated thats just unknown. And also I always thought Guru was just an engineer...I would say Scott Storch because everyone here thinks he only has his lean back keyboarded strings style but his R&B production is sick, check the catalogue (Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, etc.).


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latley jd has been reusing alot of the same melodies
and the same exact sounds on songs
i never really liked any of his music tho