Mixing drums video with TONS OF DETAIL courtesy of Modern Mixing

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I recently did a rather complicated interview over skype and we recorded my DAW screen simultaneously. The result is that you get to learn how I mixed the drums on Joey Prophet's single "Going Home." You can see every single plugin, setting, routing, everything. And we spend quite a bit of time talking about making kick drums hit hard without eating up real estate in the mix. It's about 40 minutes of audio nerdiness heaven. Enjoy :)

Mixing Hip Hop Drums with Chris Carter - ModernMixing.com - YouTube



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check out this


and this


and then tell me why it shouldn't be so
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I really wasn't trying to criticize, I was just told once that everything below 50hz was useless and inaudible. So I always have those freq cut by default in my template for instruments and drums. So I tested and I think I'm doing it wrong. I was told those freq muddy the mix. What do you think?


Zukatoku - Mod Scientist
nor was I, just pointing out the psycho-acoustic basis of the advice - we are less sensitive to low frequency information and so we need to boost them to what what seems ridiculously high levels to perceive them as being as loud as other parts of the frequency spectrum.

You learn the equation very early in live sound work that you need 10-100 times as much power for the lowest two octaves to be reproduced at the same perceived intensity as the rest of the spectrum combined