is rock music dead

Rock will never die, it just goes dormant from time to time, waiting to shove metal in your face when you least expect it
Rock won't be "alive" (as in mainstream) until the everyone wants it. With most music now I'm not sure if that will happen anytime soon though.
I would say yes pretty much, i would say our culture is dead, the culture of honor and respect is smaller every passing day...
Rock is a pretty general term, it has a lot of branches. Atleast in my area of New England. Metal is pretty strong.. well metalcore :)

Yeah man, same down here in the south of UK, progressive metalcore and alot of deathcore is all the rage lately.

Personally, I think its the same as all music genres, there are artists out there keeping it alive just as there are artists/bands that are killing it. Just gotta look in the right places!

Kinda big rock records out right now(depending on what you call rock the genre is vast now thanks to the tools available and variations in sound). For a while, the genre was being overlooked, but lately, i've noticed a comeback. Imagine Dragons, Bastille, One Republic, American Authors, tons of others are running charts right now.
Even the hip hop artist are starting to gravitate more towards rock though, a lot of us out here our on a mission to sort of mush these things together and make it happen.
No, but it's dying, as all genres do eventually.

There is a limit to how many good ideas can be had in any genre without it repeating itself, and there are other, newer, genres which are developing faster.

It has had a little bit of a revival recently, probably because pop music is a bit rubbish atm and that drives people away from the mainstream artists. Also because all the money in the music industry atm is made in concerts and rock bands are generally good live.
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I don't think is dead neither I think it will die, but mostly because of the people enjoying the music and producing it on their own. I think that comercially is pretty much dead if you compare it against newer genre, nevertheless I don't think it's ever going to die.