is rock music dead


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i don't think may have lost some of its fan-following but its out there with those who are struggling to keep it example is indie-pop


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Pretty much any genre nowadays has its "cookie cutter" bands. The bands that don't necessarily stand out, with maybe the exception of a catchy song or two, but they have all the "elements" of their own particular style. A lot of that boils down to production. Many of the modern rock and metal bands sound similar in that they have a standard for what a rock or metal band should sound like. And music is more and more production-based everyday rather than musical. And when you think about it, it's pretty linear - everything is set to a tempo and matched to a grid, same key, not much room for pitch fluxuation (mainly vocals), among other things. Music production TECHNOLOGY has come a long way, but music production itself is kind of pingeon-holing itself into these "standards" for how genres are supposed to sound. And that comes down to the personal taste of the producer. Of course, people want to compare to the radio standard and get noticed and make money too.

Another thing is the business aspect. Record labels are suffering from piracy and seem to push out as many products as they can and as quick as they can. So the market is a bit overcrowded.


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it's the hybridisation of music; numerous genres are merging to form new sounds. There are so many cross-overs established: rock/rap (black lips ft gza) rock/electronica (65daysofstatic). It will continue.


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the rock music you hear on the radio/tv all sounds the same. there's a lot of diverse/good quality stuff that you have to actually make an effort to find.


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yes. it is. here's what i hate about modern rock- it all sounds the same. look at classic rock and you see guys using keyboards, electric pianos, organs, synthesizers. even axl rose played the piano. look at 70s rock and even pop, and you see that it is about 100x more melodic and harmonic. and you had bands like the doors or pink floyd who did more soundscapy journey type stuff. there was just a huge huge range of variety of things called 'rock', some of which were barely alike. now it all sounds the same. same big super hyped up metallic sounding nu metal guitars, same over perfected pro-tools sound that just kills any organic quality, same stupid ***** ass vocals crying about this or that or the opposite where they are trying to act like hardcore tough guys. same squashed almost to a total square wave master job. and it's only more and more pathetic with each passing day since barely any kids even care about rock anymore anyway, at least compared to hip hop/electronic.

don't get me wrong, i like good rock. but the current generation hasn't fought to compete for attention against the other genres, so much as it has tried to emulate them. tough guy lyrics in rock straight out of hip hop, for example. the moment you start trying to stay relevant by adopting traits of your competitors is the moment you cease to be relevant. this is just my opinion.


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Rock isn't dead. The fact is that simpler, accessible music has become mainstream, and the really good bands are obscured from the charts. When you dig the right places, you'll find the right treasure ;)