is rock music dead

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As soon as you qualify what rock is roch changes. Ergo if you use an older "style" of rock to qualify what rock is then it simply means you aren't encompassing all rock. Did Jimi Hendrix play like Chuck Berry? Do the ramones sound like the Stones? Was Nirvana a rip on Iggy Pop? I could go on drawing juxtapotions of even wider disparity. But I digress.
You want no name indy's go and find your no name indy's You want Big name big labels go and find your Big/Big Keep your ears and your mind open when you do. If you are looking for the past then stay in the past. If you are looking for the present and future then you have to keep your ears and mind open when you hear it.


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i think its safe to say rock is alive and well, SLASH has proven it with his new cd going #1 everywhere ... the people just want real music not some trendy hair blown to the side skinny jeans emo crap.
Alter Bridge is tearin it up.... Alice in Chains is kickin ass right now, and soundgarden is back, Rage Against the Machine, Them Crooked Vultures etc.... youtube download festival shows or wacken or any live rock and look at the packed arenas,stadiums, and clubs. rock is very alive right now.


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idk, its not looking good for rock, i havent found anything worth mentioning that would be considered "rock" music in a while, id say wavves and no age, black dice and all of the noise-crowd are doing very well, and im a fan of that, but we're in a kind of limbo period it seems where everyone is starting to come to grips with the fact that stone temple pilots, nirvana, nin, pearl jam and whatnot are becoming classic rock, well at least i am, and its time to use their influences to create something new by combining it with new ones, which i predict will end up being largely from electronica, judging by radioheads radical transformation, deftones frontman chi moreno's incredible side project, team sleep, idk, it reminds me of what it must have felt like in the mid 70s when all of the great bands sort of were wept away by the death of their ideals and heroes, but something good will emerge somewhere, sometime

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All been done.

The 70's were hardly that. If anything it was a dovetail era as nothing in music stays the same forever. The 60's weren't the 50's the 70's weren't the 80's Eric Clapton was huge in the 60's, had a solid showing in the 70's and had his biggest decade in the 80's

It doesn't matter how great someone was in the past. Those in the future will have less of a career. Someone could be the greatest thing since sliced bread. If they are lucky hanve all the right stuff the world will look for a second and they will be gone.

The state of the music industry is branding experience. You want to be a rock star you'd better have a publisher that can get you into Movies, TV shows, Video games and commercials.
Guitar Hero did more for broad base appeal of Dragonforce then airplay.

On the otherhand. I spend more and more time listening to Composers of the MSB for guitar pro 5 then any other music source.


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maybe someone will come along and change mainstream rock by popularizing a great sound out there, so we cna all complain about how their thieves :p haha
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Depends on how you define Rock Music these days... as a whole it's going no where but classic rock... well isn't that now classic rock and we've got all the new variations? lol


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No way man! Metal and rock are alive! I do think that some of the light rock/trend/whatever you wanna call them bands are killing it. I say rock should move to the underground. About 8 years ago rock was the ish. Boy how does music change.


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Rock music is still alive though there are no new songs that would certainly blow us away , why don't you check out the old rock songs it's still as intense as when they were first released.


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Alot of people round my area are just getting in to Rock as to us it is refreshing because we've all been listening to Hip-Hop for the past ten years.

lol i feel u on that one... i think in the end music is dead to people because mtv is dead. Now things are just different that's all.


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Rock is not dead!

It's just a case of knowing where to look. Granted most bands who play decent rock these days tend to be in their 50's, there are still some really good underground rock bands out there.

It's just a case of finding the grimy underground bars who focus on decent rock. I think one problem is that rock is stuck in a phase where it needs a slight re-invention; something new, we need a new format for rock, it's come in many forms in the past... blues rock, prog rock, punk rock, heavy rock etc. We just need that next phase... jazz rock? Nah, I don't see that taking off just yet.


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No, rock isn't even close to being dead. If anything hip-hop, R&B, and pop are closer to being dead. Last year, Coachella sold out for the first time. Arcade Fire was even nominated for the Grammy for Album of the Year. Indie rock is the only genre that is still interesting and is still innovating.


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It's all music.
Don't get me wrong, i'll be first in line to talk trash about the over produced ingenuine crap playing on a hourly repeat over most of the radio frequencies, but there are people who love that same crap. It has a market, let them have it.
And then there are people who really get into the music and the songs, musicians and music nuts like me that want to create something that they themselves would wanna listen to. I've been around the Jax, FL music scene for a number of years (nothing compared to some the folks I know) and i have seen a number of great bands play amazing shows and some of them even made good records. I'm only 24 but I have lived rock and roll and I know it still exists. It might not be in stadiums or on MTV but the magic is still here. We make it, not the record labels or talent agencies. When I play for people who dig what I'm doing or I record a band and they hear their songs made into something more permanent than the echo of a room, rock is being experienced.
And it goes the same way for a rap/hip hop artist getting the perfect beat or groove going, or a country musician writing a ballad that comes from the heart.
It's all music.

And as for a couple modern bands that I consider to still be rockin"
Modest Mouse, Built To Spill, The Black Angels, BJM, Silversun Pickups, Radiohead, Spiritualized, British Sea Power
(and in Jax) Honey Chamber, Tuffy, The 2416, AC Deathstrike, Opiate Eyes, Dig Dog and several others but i'm keepin it brief


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is rock muisc dead

Rock may not be dead, but it has definately been tainted by mainstream bs. Most of the junk you hear today is just glorified boy bands with some electric guitars bangin out jammers for the pre pubescent little boys/girls. True rock and roll has been gone for a while, but if you dig deep you still can find some dedicated to doing it right. So my respect to the real talent that's not trying to be nickleback or lady gaga, and let Black Label tear it up.
Hi people,

I want to explore some rock, to make my music range a little bit wider. What I mean is, I need some keywords, directions. Because what asociates with rock for me is terrible songs musically and lyricly.
I can give you few examples I heard in movie trailers (I work at cinema) and on some youtube videos- I had to turn them down. The overal sound and main vocal is really raping my ears and I can't imagine in any way how can someone like this and even put on iPod or whatever.

30 seconds to mars - kings and queens
Kings of Leon - use somebody
Nickelback - hero

You know, THAT sound. It's not that i can just go with it like ignore or not listen, I cant stand it. Am i not made for rock, or maybe it is just not the real rock?

Help me, I want to like some guitar music, but i cant :(