is rock music dead


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Rock is dead with the exception of classic rock bands making new albums. When they become too old to produce albums and tour, then rock music will be completely dead, and it will be a sad day.


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What about Nickelback ???
Although theyre commercial hard rock i still like them.
They got that old school rock vibe

One thing is crazy:
Their last Album "All The Right Reasons" is 138 weeks on Billboard 200....i mean theyre sellin alot of records....that album is like 3 years old


Rock isn't what you like to think it is. You know those bands that are on the radio, that is pop.

Rock is alive, its just training in a hyperbolic time chamber.


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Rock always cycles AWAY from visibility/popularity DIRECTLY BEFORE it RE-INVENTS ITSELF.

The historical precedents which support this supposition are legion.

Hang in.

It will be back with a vengeance.

It always is.



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Check out,

Kay kay and his Weathered Underground (Simply Amazing)

Wild Orchid Children

Pygmy Lush

Portugal. The Man

Minus The Bear

Homesick for Space (My Most Played)

City and Colour

And for metal Between the Buried and Me and Winds of Plague.

These bands>All the ****ty radio crap you've been listening to.

These are just my itunes top 25. Yes they more or less comprise the whole top 25 list.


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Rock is definitely dead. I mean the music like Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin played is dead. But Metal is still alive. Has anyone visited Encyclopaedia Metallium? There is so great number of artists that I think this music will live long more.


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Rock is just suffering from cancer. It just seems like you're either some spike-haired prettyboy with a tan and a bunch of skanks hanging off of you and you write horrible music. Or you're that one jerk that wants to look awesome, so they buy some super expensive Gibson Explorer that looks like it survived a crackhouse fire because it looks "vintage" and you still write horrible music.


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As soon as you have to debate whether or not a musical genre is dead, it's been dead for nearly a decade. Thanks!


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legit rock? yea, prolly, i consider bands like aerosmith to be rock, so yea thats not as popular

but metal? theirs a huge following still

anything else is this 80's euro rock type music, aka puss rock


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TonyV said:
rock muisc needs a new sound because it all sounds the same
Rock bands still tour, still make the most money, you just think they do not becuase information you have access too is controlled by the industry which also tried to stop us all from having access to computers and the internet.

They found people like you and will stop at nothing to fill your google searches with information they want you to believe is what the public opinion is, Bush and the white house hired thousands of liars to fill our search pages up with topics most read, you may say but millions access the internet but remember that these liars paid by our own tax dollars are there every day doing it for a living., all in all to control information!

As for the record companies, there greed for investing is cheaper produced music back fired on them now and they lost control of information., while we still live in a virtual version of the dark ages via controlled news, we can all now agree

Let me give you a brief description of Hip Hop and rap's place in music history which is identical in the same struggles by muslims trying to reach sick people living behnd xenophobic walls during the dark ages.

It took 500 years before the dark ages collapsed, the people who lived inside those years lived in a world painted by the Roman Church that was flat with four corners and outside these walls lived these man they called wizards (alike what Jesus was called then) with long white robes with hoods, a cain and a book of magic called the KORAN, anyone in contact with them was to be hung or beheaded for been bewitched by there magic and lies, most popular one was that they claimed that the world was ROUND!!.

There came a time when the people where to find out what was behind there walls, they gathered for a Crusade war to invade Spain, to kill the wizards, and so they did kill anyone dark looking (muslim, jew or christian) with out question, after all that when returning with treasures, they found out they had to be taxed for there properties, so they put up a fight with the Empire, the church and finally fled to Americas.

Today the same people who committed these crimes run Israel and the US of A again, THEY ARE BACK, and the wizards we thought to read about then where muslims and now targeted as terrorists.

I know you may think what the hell does this have to do with why rock is dead, its not at all dead, its the art of the living and performing artists., it sup to us to keep all types of music alive.
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deRaNged 4 Phuk'dup said:
Music's come to a point where everyone has to face the fact that some random guys on myspace or rock 50 times harder than the groups labels are currently pushing. People are finding ways to capitalize on that without radio/video play and big label backing.

good post...i'm tired of everybody thinking that the dopest shyt is on tv / radio...

like they think, "well if this WASN'T dope, it wouldn't be on tv / radio"...i hate those motherfvckerz that think like that...

once you take away the radio / tv from motherfvckerz, they wouldn't even know who to fvckin' listen to...because it ain't being DICTATED to them...

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I'm sure it has been said already, but this is the same thing going on in hip-hop. It's like anything generally commercial is dying these says. Nhothing comes from the heart anymore. Your solution: Stick your ears to the right sources and you won't be disappointed.

We've been doing it with hip-hop and found the underground scene, much better than commercial bull****.

Rock is not dead.