I Made A Mpc Humanizing Preset For Fl Studio !!! Grab This Christmas Gift From Me !!!


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Hey fam,

I noticed dome time ago when I owned the mpc 2000 that the drums I was programming on it had this unstiffed groove on them, even with straight 16th quantize. Now I was always missing that in software DAWs and especially in this grat program FL Studio. Now I sat down for a while and made this humanizing preset called "MPC50prc.fpr" which you can use on your stepsequencer to get rid of this straight mechanical quantization that you get when you program your drums that way. Try it and you will be blown away....I truly analized the MPC behaviour and I think I got it damn right !
Now this is some extras on how to use them :
When you put your steps into the sequencer, just drag the MPC preset over to all your Drum instruments and feel comfortable again ( even the highhats wont be that stiff again !!! ) after that you can play with the velocities as you like.....Now as for the different swing setting you know from the MPCs, just grab the swing knob on the to of the step sequencer and slide it the way you like....the MPC feel will still remain !!!
Another good tip is, that now when you play your instruments and quantize them with the fruity default 16th they wont be on point, since you got a more loose feeling now.....in that case, after you have fixed your drums, just open another sampler and fill all the 16th steps....then open the piano roll and save this as a score file....that way you will be able to quantize your instruments with the same feeling like your drums ( so i.e. the base hits exactly with the kicks ) ....but dont forget to set your ppqn ( quantize resolution ) of your project to 996 so you get the full details of note positions.

I hope you have a nice christmas, cuz now I will definetely have !!!!
Now I really got my software MPC, thats all I was missing from those mashines ;)

Copy the FPR File to your folder :
FlStudio7DataPatchesHumanizing presetsGrooves

No Feedback !!! I took it out !
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You can made your groove score files by loading a drumloop you
like(You may like the groove but hate the drums in it)In the
Fruity Slicer.Chose Flatten (groove)and go to the pianoroll and
save the score.

You can use other things besides drumloops too.
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I took it out cuz about 25 ppl dl'ed it but no feedback at all, I wanted to develop it damn, no thx great or you could make this better and I asked for it !
But Maranello I'll send you it per PM !

Yo EAZE, naw my boy it was no pain in the ass at all it was eaze .....it works pefectly with the step sequencer.....and those from warbeats suck as hell....but thanx for your kindness to help others out.....
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Yo EAZE, naw my boy it was no pain in the ass at all it was eaze .....it works pefectly with the step sequencer.....and those from warbeats suck as hell....but thanx for your kindness to help others out.....[/quote]

TRU- can you pm the groove to me, i wanna try it out!


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hey man, i'm interested in the MPC preset. i've tried to adjust the swing knob and that just sucks. i'd really appreciate trying that thing though, it will probably sound real nice to get a loose feel rather than the stiff regular preset.


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hey man, i dont know why people were stingy and not giving feedback, but id like to try it out and id let you know how it works, i dont know how everyone else does it, but when i use the step sequencer i just use the swing and then send it to piano roll and quantize so id like to compare the two


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Guys dont be mad, so look at my signature and get it from there, I didnt sit down so long and since my beats really got rollin after applying my preset I decided not to just give it away for nothin, and thats my right !
Man I have posted so much material in the past like drums...samples or rexfiles....this one will be different, call me a bit(h or whatever you like.....


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If people can't figure out how to change the quantize or groove settings then they should buy this from you, but it's f-u-c-k-i-n-g- simple to do for all the uninitiated FL users. Theres always more to be tinkered with in a progam than what's displayed by the GUI.
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Man, what's up with that file. I wanted to try it out and see how much different it is from my other ones can I get a link for it? I got you on the feedback.