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From tomorrow, I will finish one EDM song a month. First week (Main Idea + Drop + mixing), Second Week, beginning part+mixing - Third week, end part+mixing. 4th week, finish mixing, test song on different speakers and release. BOOM!


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I'm re-reading these TEN "NEWBIE" COMMANDMENTS after a couple of years of first reading, they are all wise words, thank you


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Been Producing for 5 months

Hey guys please I need feedback on my beats please let me know what my beats are missing. My YouTube name is GC Jour check me out because I'm a humble person and I get negative feedback a lot and im just looking to get better that's all I will appreciate all the help.

sean lawson

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Sadly, but I think I one of those at this time. But Im pretty sure I can make it better, thanks a lot for all those advises. You see guys, I've been looking for information on Internet, a friend told me to look into forums, and is the best decision I have ever done (till today, no joking). Everybody talks so good about new things and I can see you know what you are talking about. This is making me so exited.


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Good words, I'm in this phase right now. I have the taste, just need the NECESSARY information and work to get me to the next level and really get this going. Love this thread.