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dansgold said:
Hardly. There are plenty of questions so stupid they should NEVER be asked.

I agree that there is a time and place for certain questions, and some questions may make someone uncomfortable. Some questions may be redundant. People SHOULD read the instructions! However, I support the right to question.

Questions are the engine that drives knowledge. The only hard question is one we do not know the answer to, or are afraid of the answer.

If one does not want to read a question, then don't. If one does not want to answer a question, then don't.

I hope I never reach a state of arrogance and narcissism that would lead me to believe I could be the judge as to whether someone could ask a question or not. Everyone has asked a question at some time that someone else thought was stupid; opinions vary.

No one is infallible. We are all learners and never reach a plateau that affords us a right to look down on someone for being new at something. We certainly do not have a right to stifle questioning. We all had to be "Newbies", at some time. We also should allow newbies to make some mistakes without demoralizing them.

If we belittle questions as being silly, stupid, or unnecessary and say they should not be asked, then what is the good in a site such as this? Is it a site for learning, or merely a site for persons who feel they have a certain prowess in an art or subject to bloviate?

1. The mistakes I make are always in the simple things.
2. I will never be intimidated by anyone.
3. No one can make me feel inferior.
4. No one will make me feel my questions are unnecessary.
5. I will question everything.
6. I will learn.
7. I will become good, very good, at my chosen task.
8. I will always take the time to answer questions asked of me.
9. I will never forget to read the instructions first.
10. I will not forget; there are few masters at anything.

Bill Duncan
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Some great ideas added on too,

I try not to be too strict or disciplined though, find it takes away from raw creativity,

still you gotta learn the basics no matter how high your aspirations.

For me learning an instrument or two helped me out the most with furthering myself musically.


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If you need some ideas for your first mixes

there are plenty of examples out there. Try to check out some examples of what other dj's are doing. You can look on YouTube or some more instructional sites like Howvids.com ... sometimes you can find videos of the dj's doing their stuff so you can learn by watching.


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dansgold said:
There are forums where "violating" such "commandments" results in a warning from the moderators ... repeated violations results in your account being placed in "read only" mode.

Frankly - IMHO - something like these commandments ought to be part of the terms-of-service of FP, as they are in many other technology or skill oriented forum. Violating the terms-of-service is something which should be heaviliy moderated in order to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of this forum.

I agree.

I am a member of a forum where it is REQUIRED to give your real name in your sig. Yep, your real name. Cuts down on bull-sh!t artists, scammers, etc.

hackenslash said:
Good stuff, but shouldn't this thread have been left to Moses? :)

"They are a stiff-necked people!"--Exodus 32:9,10
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what exactly is there to know about MIDI? i mean im pretty new to production but i mean... ive got a keyboard... and i plugged my midi cable into my soundcard... thats about the extent of my MIDI knowledge. and its going fine. just set up the ASIO settings and your running. i just dont get how you can make a big deal out of the first commandment... however if there is more i should know about MIDI then please enlighten me as i appear to be blasphamous in not understanding the full potential of the MIDI!


There is lots more to know. MIDI is incredibly powerful, as it gives access to the core parameters of any sound. Also, understanding MIDI can, in some hosts, give you access to huge swathes of data with single commands.

Get a copy of MIDI for the Technophobe, by Sound On Sound. It will give you enough of a grounding in MIDI so that you understand how powerful it can be.


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One of the points that stuck outt o me and I actually had to learn from is DOING HOURS of research before buying a new piece of gear. I bought a Pro-Tools M-Box 2 not too long ago and found out it wasn't compatiable with Intel Celeron Processors (It simply won't work).

So producers do your reasearch, it really don't matter how much you know. I been producing for 13 years and still strive to learn something new everyday. There are still many things I don't know how to do. Knowledge is everything. In production your ears are EVERYTHING, Skill, craft, and knowledge come second and third. Great thread and posts.

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Read the Manuals

So true these stickies n how to threads go way overboard. My best friends are my manuals...then I ask ?'s...I've found my questions are far and few between...

Noobs master your manuals
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