How to play the scales on piano

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A commonly asked question is how do I play the xyz scale on the piano?

This is not the same as the related question, what are the notes in the xyz scale?

You need to know what the notes are before you can play them!

A diagram showing which notes are in which scales:

click to get a larger image

When playing the fingers of the two hands are numbered as follows


Two sites to visit to get more info on how to play the scales:

Scale Fingering Chart

Fingering Scales on the Piano

you should compare the two forms offered at these two sites as there are some differences,
  • mainly in the left for the sharp key signature scales (G-D-A-E-B-F#-C#),
  • in the right for Bb and
  • in both hands for the flat key signature scales (F-Eb-Ab)
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