How to Get Feedback on Your Music: READ!

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Zukatoku - Mod Scientist
Lots of people complain that this forum has more people asking for feedback than giving. Well, when was the last time you gave feedback?

You have to give a little to get a little. That's how things work in life.
Just coming here trying to self-promote without helping out someone is not going to work!

If you are trying to get people to review your music the best possible way to do this is to give as many reviews as possible. At the bottom of the review leave a link to your music or thread and most people will in return check out your will notice some threads don't get a single hit and others get many (in some case's over a hundred ;) ).

The best thing to do is to give the best possible technical review (remember not to be too harsh) and be helpful as well as giving your opinion.

also remember the following from the getting started forum - it applies here, there and everywhere on fp as well

And please don't bump your threads.

Or double post.

i.e. no gratuitous "bumpin", "uppin this", "come on, no one?" type posts to get your thread to the top of the stack or posting your thread a few days later - you will be warned, infracted and banned in short order

for those who want to whine this has been the expectation since 2004

And don't post your music in the Genre forums as we will just move it here - they are for gossiping about those genres not for posting new music to.
Not open for further replies.