Getting more subs on YouTube?


Cupcake God
Well I took you guys advice and Im going to post up a music video of my beat but I used clips from other music videos. Will YouTube take this down and if I put up a disclaimer in the description will it help? I just want to know because the beat is my own but the footage is not however the footage is edited with effects idk if that helps but just saying.

Anyways the videos that I used are:
Asap Rocky-Purple Swag
XXYYXX-About You
Dillon Francis-Without You ft. T.E.E.D.
James Blake-The Wilhelm Scream
Kid Cudi-Pursuit of Happiness
Ryan Hemsworth-Colour and Movement

Please help I really want to post this video!
YouTube like everywhere else on the internet has a very simple rule. If you do not own 100% of the content don't post it. There are of course some grey areas where you can do other things but overall if you don't own it don't post it or take a chance. I use video game play because most game developers don't care if you post their games. For example I posted this earlier this week


Jeff Blactracks

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Beat making videos help a lot. Make some remixes. Don't just be a guy with still frame beat videos on his page. Do some video remixes. Do something that everyone else is not already doing. And YouTube is a marathon not a race. Be unique there are a bunch of people doing beat videos, still frame beats like u have on your page ect. You gotta add something unique to make people remember you because most won't sub off of one beat. Also keep in mind Youtube is a video service not an audio service. Video content is key. Unless you have a huge following uploading still frame beat videos isn't always best.
True being different will make you stand out!!!


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