FP Massive Networking Thread - A Serious Thread for Once.


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Hey everyone, hit me up if you want beats or if you just wanna talk music, mixing, DJ, or hardware stuff. Always down for talking! :P

Facebook: facebook.com/drproctorofficial
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/dr-proctor

Jacob Maduga

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Hey, y'all ! I am an aspiring young producer who has taken to a boom bap production style of hip hop beats.
I am trying to collaborate with artists living in Toronto or the GTA and would love to work with anybody who is into conscious thinking and has a conscious rap style. I am very serious about music production and am very eager to start working with like-minded people to come to an ideal artistic conclusion. If you're interested you can contact me via facebook or skype.

Facebook - Mussa J Hamisi
Skype - Madugaaaah

Much appreciated,
Jacob Maduga
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Style: Electronic & Hip Hop

I'm a producer from Portland, OR who would love to meet like minded people producers and musicians. I'm very committed to moving my sound forward. If you like my stuff and/or would like to collab or just network and grow off each other don't hesitate to contact me (preferably on sound cloud)!
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I do music videos in the Midwest. I'm only getting better! Check out my latest work and playlist from newest to oldest. Or search Paper Hustles on any online music stream service and store. Im located in Minnesota & Chicago PaperHustles@Gmail.Com


The Mepsyah's Dipsyples
Im glad to help out peoples...

I can master your tracks, I would only master like stuff I like... If you do like psytrance, or some style of that 'genre', I can do what I can to bring up the levels etc...

I would love to work with s female vocalist :)

Soundcloud me... :) azonerecords | Free Listening on SoundCloud


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Hey fellas!

Nice to see all of you here on this forum. While I expect most of you to be active in the front of the industry, I'm in the back ;-)

I own two companies, of which one is a Music Marketing & Artist Branding company, and the other one a an artist management company.
Then I also lead a group of Dutch students that have set up their own full-service company.

I work for and with major labels, the big dance labels, and I do that will a lot of love and passion!

Actually, I ever started just like you. By producing music. I did lots of songwriting and music production for the Japanese Music industry, and a couple of songs for the Western industry too.
I basically got connections all over the world. Would love to get in touch with some people just like me ;-)

Due to the heavy workload I generally do not accept new artists to my roster. Contact me should you really feel you've got something great to offer, and we'll see what we can do together.

Nice meeting u all!