FP Massive Networking Thread - A Serious Thread for Once.


I'm making a serious thread. Seriously.

For once.

I thought it would be cool to post up AIMs and MSNs (No MySpace, etc. That shit will lead to spam on spam and a 56K explosion) so people would have a way to talk to each other on a personal level. Who knows? You may like somebody's stuff but they barely come here. How are you going to contact them? I've made numerous friends as well as connections through instant messaging, and it's helped many projects and it gives an overall good feeling to have producers that you can talk to and network with personally as opposed to a MySpace message or a private message.

I'll start.

I'm always on AIM.

AIM - JDawssk8er98, Jaypricemann

MSN - Jonathanpriced@live.com


Kanye West's Ego Online
Aim and email: Triggamen@aim.com ( I want to use this more)
MSN: Kaminota@hotmail.com (I don't use it much at all)

Will you guys be my friends....? I'm so very lonely. I have no one to satisfy my musical needs... Will it be you ... or maybe you..... Contact me... I'll be waiting.


Oh yeah and I like to colab too. I'll do all the work and you can take all the credit.... I'm serious! All you have to do is be my bestest friend for life.
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