feedback on my vocals


im 16 and have been recording for 1 month,I recorded this with an at2020 usb mic in my untreated bedroom with audacity.
this just a rap i jotted down to test the mic so dont expect a masterpice of a rap(lol)

reverb / dexterofficial
i cant do links yet so copy/paste(and take out spaces)

the effects I used where:

main vocals: eq, panned to the right 10
dub(main vocals rapped again word for word):panned to left 20.
adlib1= panned 20 to the let,eq,compression(3:1 ratio,-17 threshold), and delay
adlib2=same as adlib1 except panned 20 to the right.

wanted to know if there was anything i could do to make this better
with the exception of improving my actual rapping i know i need to work on that.

or is this as good as vocal quality gets with my setup??
You don't have any energy. It sounds like you're half asleep. Work on your performance, no matter how good a mix engineer is, he can't make a bad rap performance sound good.
Listening lil wayne? :D i've been listening this song right now when i saw this post.. its so hilarious :)
But Eminem is better performer :)
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