Favorite rock bands?

Depends on the mood I guess, but whatever Steven Wilson does seems to always hit the spot.

Other band/artists worthy of mentioning:

- Dream Theater
- Devin Townsend
- Pink Floyd
- Opeth
- Ghost
- +++

Queen,AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Beatles, Eagle, Pink Floyd (especially learning to fly)


Anything by Steven Wilson, Muse, Gazpacho (their range is insane), Dream Theater, Foo Fighters
Metallica, Megadeth, Nirvana, BFMV, Para Roach, Parkway Drive, Slipknot, 3 Doors Down, Three Days Grace and so many others!
been listening to alot of nick cave and the bad seeds these days.
Just rewatched the doc about nick too, one more time with feeling. pretty interesting