Favorite rock bands?

Led Zeppelin, Wolfmother and Audioslave are propably my favourites. But I listen to a lot of bands (Nirvana, QOTSA, Rage Against The Machine, System Of A Down) :D.
Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers,Smashing Pumpkins,System Of A Down & Muse when they made Origin Of Symmetry(you know they werent always the shit boyband they are now)
Incubus,Deftones(actually experimental metal),Foo Fighters,Him,etc
Favorite of ALL TIME: Marilyn Manson, followed by, in order, NIN, APC, Aerosmith, AC/DC (why did they get no love here?), and recently I've been on a QOTSA and Rush jam. Rush's Clockwork Angels and Vapor Trails are AWESOME! They dropped out of the consciousness a long time ago, but, to me, they keep getting better and better! Coincidentally, QOTSA's latest is called "Like Clockwork". Global subconscious, maybe?
The Gaslight Anthem, Nirvana, Rise Against, Linkin Park. First band I ever listened to was Linkin Park when "In the end" came out. Their album Meteora got me through my teenage years.
Don't have fav bands, here are a few Fav tracks - Rush
Van Halen - Van Halen - Hot For Teacher (HQ music video) - YouTube
Metallica - Metallica - /Fade To Black/ Live Nimes 2009 1080p HD_HQ - YouTube
G'N' R - Sweet Child O' Mine Music Video - YouTube
Red hoT Chilli's - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Funky Monks (Album Version) - YouTube
Pixies - The Pixies - Gigantic - YouTube
Nirvana - Nirvana - All Apologies (Live at Reading 1992) - YouTube
Smashing Pumpkins - The Smashing Pumpkins - Today - YouTube
Hole - Hole - Celebrity Skin - YouTube
Rage...Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name - YouTube
Taking DawnTaking Dawn "The Chain" Music Video - YouTube Nice cover
Ozzy - Ozzy Osbourne - Diary of a Madman - YouTube
Sabbath - Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan [HQ] - YouTube
Zepp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ioIuI_W16o
Chickenfoot -CHICKENFOOT - Turnin' Left / January 2012 [HDadv] Rockpalast - YouTubeDeep Purple-Deep Purple-Child in Time - YouTube
Smoking Spore - Smoking Spore - Toad Patrol - YouTube
The Doors - The Doors - Peace Frog (with lyrics) - YouTube
Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden - Revelations (lyrics) - YouTube
Skynyrd - Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man - YouTube
The Who - The Who - Love reign over me - YouTube
Beefheart - Captain Beefheart - Crazy Little Thing - YouTube
Frank - The Gumbo Variations (Ryko Version) - YouTube
Nils - NILS LOFGREN - Keith Don't Go (1976 O.G.W.T. UK TV Appearance) ~ HIGH QUALITY HQ ~ - YouTube
Rolling Stones - The Rolling Stones, 2000 Light Years From Home - YouTube
Thin Lizzy - Thin Lizzy "the Rocker" - YouTube
Bowie - David Bowie- Scary Monsters (And super creeps) - YouTube
Beatles - The Beatles - Rain - Uncut Promo - YouTube
The Cult - The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary (Official Music Video) + Lyrics (HQ) - YouTube
Arthur Brown - Arthur Brown - Fire - YouTube
Neil young - ohio- neil young - YouTube
more, hard to number
It's so hard... but lemme try. KISS, Iron Maiden, Avantasia, Edguy, Helloween, Blind Guardian, AC/DC, Black Debbath (no, not Sabbath), Bruce Springsteen, AC/DC etc etc.. :)
Im not big rock music fan but. This are more metal bands but, i like Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth and Metallica.
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It might depend on my mood when listening, but I like the rock style of Beatles, Rolling Stones and Linkin Park:victory:
Recently I have listened a Korean rock style of Kim Jaejoong, it's so awesome, I love it so much, 2:o