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Remember those suits with the gigantic shoulder pads? Or those little leather jackets and big hair? Thats that 80's swag! I recently came across this 3 disc collectors edition of the best of the electric eighties. I feel like I'm trapped in Vice City lol


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record store of your choice : CHECK / folder called world music : CHECK / the craziest sample you ever heard : SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN... this is how i do it nearly all the time, try it and you'll be suprised AND satisfied + you are going to have the sounds nobody has in their library


I just got these. :)

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I just got these. :)

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Things I got yesterday at a local flea market. Nothing rare or special, just some interesting stuff.


(top left to bottom right)
* Mexico Party. Nice mariachi music.
* Errol Garner
* Lobo - Soca Calypso!
* Massada - Sajang é


* The Edwin Hawkins Singers
* This is Roberto Delgado
* Euson - Life is on my side
* Frank Valdor and the Gogo-Girls - Rhythmus A gogo (Pair of drumbreaks on this)


* The Manhattans (Sweet soul music)
* Alf - Stuck on earth (single) (Cover was interesting enough to cop but nothing likeable on it)
* Doctor Hook and the medicine show
* Joe Jackson - Big World