**Digging adventures - post what you get**


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Good to see this thread back to life. I personally sold my collection 2 or 3 years ago due to space constraints and changes I wanted to make musically. Nothing quite like the sound of vinyl though.


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Oxfam digging

Stomped across the city on my lunch break to the one 'legit' record shop left here... It was shut...
Unpeterbed, I quickened my pace and hit the Oxfam shop.
Charity shops often have a lot of wack shit in them (although thus far I've been lucky) and I have picked a couple country records here (I want work with that... Maybe...) as well as a couple orchestral joints; but you sure as shit get a lot of wax for your money!


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here's something i bought recently

had to blur the one on the down-right. just remembered it had something super fuking ill amazing shyt on it...


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Thought it might be of interest to some of you guys, i've been using this app called 'Trackstack' recently and its been really wicked for discovering some new tunes. They position themselves as a digital crate digging tool for DJs and i've found some absolute gems using it. You can even alter what year you want to find tunes from obviously within a particular genre. You can then either buy records from discogs or Beatport through the app. Really interesting.

Check out here: Trackstack - Be Seamless



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I recently picked up these 4 albums, all incredible for sampling, also these guys don't get enough credit for their incredible music:

Basil Kirchin -Abstractions Of The Industrial North
Kenyon Hopkins - Mister Buddwing
Vladimir Cosma - Enfance
Gil Melle - Borderline


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Guess what genre I've been into lately, lol...

I see a Madvillain sample in there. My ways are strange..

I just got into vinyl digging, and have been stumbling on samples left and right. I found the sample to Junior Mafia's Players Anthem thrown in on a New Birth Album I picked up at the Tallahassee Flea Market from an old African woman.

Right now, I got The Whispers self titled thrown on the NuMark. Theres a really good Vinyl shop in Little 5 Points in Atlanta called (the beATLab) that I picked up an album and supplies from. But their vinyls tend to be overpriced, so I think I'll stick to the Goodwills and Craigslist.