9th Wonder’s '10 Track Commandments' for Music Producers

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Limeware part is funny. An important thing i'd say is to not delete things you don't like. You might come back to it and its fire! even if you don't like it personally maybe someone else will


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Austin Egge's "10 Track Commandments"

1. Register every single work of music you create with the Copyright Office, and with a Performing Arts Organization.
2. Learn how to play several different instruments, drums, flute, piano, guitar, sax, all of it.
3. Grab a DAW, find an interface and a microphone, and spend tons of time learning the process of recording digital audio.
4. Record the instruments you have obtained, thus creating music.
5. Write great records to those pieces of music, then register those with the previously named organizations.
6. Stop sampling and using the music of others and then leasing those beats for financial gain, it's tacky, that is unless you have went through the correct channels to establish a usage agreement. Then way to go.
7. Stop thinking your mix bus and master bus have to have the entire Waves Mercury bundle assigned to them, remember, good audio signal in, good audio signal out, polishing a turd still leaves it a turd.
8. Stop trying to do what all the producers are doing, they are way ahead of the curve, it's their style and they've been working on it far before you decided to emulate it. Don't be like DJ Mustard, don't be 9th Wonder, don't be 40, create a lane of production that others want to emulate, that is the ultimate form of flattery.
9. Stop giving away your music to "rappers" these are the single most dangerous form of musician when it comes to someone who will try to squeeze every penny out of music they didn't create.
10. Create meaningful relationships with big corporations, email your copyrighted press kits to their marketing team for consideration for sync licensing, reach out to as many video game and movie publishers as you can, negotiate deals with these people and further your contact list.


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I guess I can use a few of these tips. Especially about having to many people in the studio. Shit I'm a loner anyway, and a loner has to do what a loner has to do lol.
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