9th Wonder’s '10 Track Commandments' for Music Producers

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This isn't any special information or tips you should live by. It just has 9th Wonder's name on it.. Wasn't really well thought out at all.


Why are people trying to break down 9th's commandments and say which are good/not/pointless/worthy etc...
They're his commandments for people who follow him to follow. Part of his formula for what he does, aimed at people who want to follow the same formula he does to get same/similar results...

People who don't wanna make hip-hop, or sounds similar to 9th don't need to say things like, 'there's more out there than hip-hop', obviously... you wouldn't follow the commandments of Buddha if you were trying to be a Christian, or Jedi would you? You'd follow the commandments of the leaders of those faiths, same here. If you wanna be a 9th Wonder style producer follow what he says/does, if you don't... Don't.

The post is useful and has value, more to some than others.


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Organisation is key, can't think how many hours I've spent looking for specific beats/samples I have recorded only to end up getting frustrated


Reading the manual of a daw is such a simple yet mundane task and is overlooked heavily by 90% of planet earth, definitely that one.


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Definitely need to try #6 but I don't agree with the not reading manuals I always learn something I wouldn't otherwise from the manuals!
9th Wonder has some incredible beats here and there, but he is one of the MOST over-rated producers ever in the history of Hip Hop. Besides Little Brother, 9th is a clear example of "it's not how you do it, it's who you know".
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