Yr Favourite DJ

Ah, yes

Also..DJ Distinctive.. I noticed you mentioned something about Kid Koala and his DJ Kicks series mix CD. I think you may be thinking of Kid Loco. Kid Loco is a downtempo//trip-hop - kinda DJ, not to be confused with the turntable trickster Kid Koala. Loco does do a DJ Kicks mix CD, and it is sublime..as is his other mix CD entitled 'Jesus Life for Children Under 12 Inches' .. another wonderful eclectic ride throughout funk, soul, trip-hop, hip-hop and downtempo.. comparable to Gilles Peterson, who you mentioned is a favourite of yourn.

What could you expect from a 40 year old ?
This is most certainly 'Alzheimer light' creeping up on me :D :D
40 just doesn't suit you man, can't you just be, like, 22 again? At least 28. Yeah, maybe 28 is good. Do that.

Be 28, alright?
No excuses.
its a tuff decision but heres mine.

1---Mark Eg
2---Adam Beyer
5---Nasenbulitin {spelling?}
6---Hyperactive {before he started sucking}
8---Jeff Mills
9---Timeblind {aka Chris Satinger}
10---Esp-Woody Mcbride
Woody McBride !! Yes, aka ESP Woody McBride--straight outta the Midwest, but known throughout the world. Ever seen him do a live PA ? It's killer. I saw him on three grooveboxes here in Madison. Also saw him and partner Jack Trash open up for Norman Cook in Minneapolis. Woody's been putting out some killer tunes lately, as well. Check out his latest on Bush.

No particular order:

DJ Q-Bert
DJ Craze
DJ Energy
Richard "Humpty" Vission

That about wraps it up.. oh yeah.. and KinetiKid.
DJ Spooky
DJ Shadow
DJ Krush
DJ Food
DJ Soul Slinger
oh yeah... i also like
John B (UK) and EZ Rollers
Choice Noize

Electronic Music,
Genre: Techno (Straights)& tribs, detroit tech, deep house.

Zaid Ambak @ Akira - Kuala Lumpur, (Malaysia)
Nuron - Kuala Lumpur, (Malaysia)
Derrick May - (Detroit)
Jeff Mills - (Detroit)
Aril Brikha - (Sweden)
Ben Sims - (UK)
Richie Hawtin - (Canada)
Frank Lorber - (Frankfurt)
Gaetano Parisio - (Italy)
Sven Vath - (German)
Carola & Corrado - (Italy)
Carl Cox - (UK)
Satoshi t. - (Japan)
heres mine, in no particular oreder:
1) dj Mea
2) Donald Glaude
3) Baby anne
4) paul okenfold
5) dj doboy
6) dave ralph
7) sandra collins
8) dj enrie
9) skylab 2000
10) and that bedroom dj, that never gets a chance to show his stuff!
both from NYC and both very good dj's dont know why they arent blowing up
From back in the day...

-doc martin
-donald c/glaude
-code (Satori - San Francisco)
-jose aka dj discovery (Oly and San Francisco)

and international mega-funk-stars
-sasha -renaissance and northern exposure
-digweed from these two
-daft punk - the new album is sooo good!
-dimitri from paris
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in no particular order
humpty vision
dj db
diesel boy
dj incredible
and most of all: Ducky( a very good friend of mine that got me started in all this mess, and man he rocks ***!) :D
I like a whole bunch but these come to mind.

Danny Tenaglia
Chris Anderson
Pete Tong
Seb Fontaine
Goldie (I am not sure if I am spelling this right I have never seen the name in print)

Thats a few
Here´s my favourit dj´s:

John Digweed
D:Fuse (dj who has that cowboy hat :D )
Paul Oakenfold
Dj Food
Deep Dish

and some Finnish dj´s:

Simon London
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my ever changing list:

(10) Angel Alanis
(9) Donald Glaude
(8) John Digweed
(7) Dan
(6) Stacey Pullen
(5) Danny Tenaglia
(4) Derrick May
(3) Gilles Peterson
(2) Josh Wink
(1) Joey Beltram