Yamaha or Krk ?


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Hey guys,
i have a 400€ budget, thats about 452,61$ and i dont know if i should buy some yahama hs7 or some krk rp... g3.
I know that the krk`s have more low end and the yamahas more highs. I cant decide. A lot of people recommend krk but a lot of people recommend yamaha as well. Someone told me that i need a subwoofer if i pick the yamahas beacause my music is very bass havy, because i do trap
So there is no local store where i could test both of them...
so please give me your advices guys
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Yamaha myself.. but you can't really go wrong with the KRK's either. They sound very different but you can make good mixes on either. Just pick the one you like best or which you can find the best deals on!
Keep in mind though that when mixing on it, the characteristics of a speaker kinda work in reverse. If it has more bass, you're likely to mix less of it.

You don't have to add a subwoofer. Unless you have fully treated room that's just gonna create more trouble than the extra bass response is worth.
The HS7s actually go slightly lower than the RP3s. The KRKs are a bit biased towards the low end; the HS7s are more neutral.
In that price range:
Presonus ERis E5 or E8

Out of this selection I would prolly suggest Yamaha/Eris/JBL/Genelec.
Used Yamaha HS 50M, think it was very good, switched for Krk Rokit RPG2 8'', deception, so sold it. Now I am considering PreSonus Eris E5 ;).
Yamaha and yes you do need to have a sub. Studio monitors are not intended to replicate the low bass notes at high volumes. Bass synths do all sorts of amazing things and your monitors will not accurately let you know on the spot. That will save you the time from having to render your track and AV it elsewhere and adjust your low end noise if it needs adjusting.

hope this helps, don't go smaller than a 10"