Yamaha CS1X


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Does anyone know how much a cs1x costs (new or used) and where I could get one? There does not seem to be any online store selling it new.

mano 1

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Yeah don't buy it new... The CS1X is a great "first synth".. It is not really a synthesizer (the basis of its architecture is made of short samples, like most) but it is a great MIDI controller, and its sounds are good.

Buy it second hand, it is really dirty cheap, and you will experience REAL SEQUENCING if you hook it to Cubase VST, for example. It is not hte best keyboard of the world, but for the price it's the best.

Have fun with it. I think it's a great choice, some of the best value on the market (price/quality).


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Used Equipment Online Stores

Thanks ManoOne. I checked at our local used equipment music store and they don't have a CS1x. I will have to buy online but did not find any CS1x at any of the dozen sites I looked at including auction sites like digibid.com and ebay.com. Either I am not looking at the right places, or, obtaining this will be an adventure...

Can anyone give me a link to a list of online stores which carry used equipment?


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I currently live in the US. By the way, I found a manufacturer's refurbished at musiciansfriend.com for 399$ and another used one for 299$ at some other site. Do you mean more dirt cheap than that or is this the price range I have to look for?