where do i begin to produce hiphop beats!?




I need help to start producing hiphop beats.
I don't know where to begin. All i have is a PC with no fancy sound cards etc..I really want to make a go of it.
I've heard about MPC 2000/3000xl etc..
but what do i really need?? all in one machine??
And the PC software i've seen look mad complicated.

I want to sample records, tv, movies and any cool sounds and use it as a part of my tracks.
My inspiration comes from Pete Rock, Primo and Rza.
I want to do exactly what they do but in my way.

I have alot of ideas but I just need some help to turn these ideas into actual sounds.

Can you nice people give me a list of what I need or info wuld be nice!


Well, you could use Acid Music - a really straightforward and intuitive sequencing package which lets you paint in loops, from samples that you load into it.

If you've got some of your own samples you'll be putting together ideas within 5 minutes of installing.

Might be good to by a half decent soundcard at the same time, as you may be disappointed with your tunes listening to them on a bog-standard one. An SBLive isn't a bad start, and it has a sampler function (Soundfonts) that might be useful to you if you get into it.

Hope that helps mate,