What's the best DJ Controller for a beginner?

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Hi Guys

I've been learning about the basics of becoming a DJ. I'm currently shopping for my first DJ controller (I don't have a budget for CDJs).

I heard that Pioneer DJ is the industry leader but its quite pricey. So I'm assuming that its the best since most venues and clubs and established djs are using.

I came across the DDJ200 and DDJ400 models online. The price is not that bad compared to CDJs.

So between these two models, which one is ideal for a complete novice like?

Please advise.

Thank you
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I’d suggest you check out any reviews of either on YouTube and base your decision on which features you’d like and which you can do without. Personally, I own a Vestax VCI 380 with the upgraded crossfader that had everything I was looking for (and then some) at the time and coming from a dj/turntablist background, Vestax was a highly respected brand at the time. Their entry level models are probably more affordable on the used market and might be suffice for your intended use and familiarizing yourself with how to mess with them, but if you’re into scratching on a technical level, the latency will be unacceptable
This was in my cart and I've watched all the review videos etc and a few tutorials, I thought it's my best bet until I asked someone that told me it's not (couldn't get further reason as the music was loud), which is why I thought I'd ask around here.

I still think it's one of the best from my basic comparison, but will compare it to the one(s) that are mentioned too!
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