Whats the best bpm for trap beat????????

Schizoid Donkey

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From 68 to 145. I think it's not all about the tempo. The perfect tempo depends on other elements in the song. Like scrapheaper said, if it's too fast, slow it down, if it's too slow, speed it up. You can of course use TapTempo or some other software and take the same tempo that's in your favourite trap song.


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Usually from 105-140, hardly more than 160 bpm. I dont like making trap with 60-80bpm because the hi hats are more complicated to do with slow tempo


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Yeah it depends. Some of them trunk bangers are around the 80-100 range. The club bangers tend to be between 100-130.


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I like using double times for trap style beats. The doubled up metronome helps me keep time better than one at say 70 bpm.
For trap beats I usually use 72-80 and for the bay area/compton style beats 88-105.
It varies on how you actually line up the notes thats why so many people are saying numbers greater than 110.
The way I line up my elements, putting it at 120+ would be way too fast for almost any type of music


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I usually go for 81 BPM or 120 BPM .. Sometimes also between 110 and 120. Just try any tempo and see which fits better.


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my personal favorite is 73.. its not good to stick yourself in a box, always experiment with different tempos, but I like 73 because it has a nice bounce to it.