What was your mind state heading into your career?


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Thanks for visiting the site and taking time to answer all these newbie questions!

Heres my question:

What was your mind, thoughts, confidence level etc...coming into becoming a successful music producer? Like did you have doubts? Did you have hardships you had to power through? Was there a time where you were close to quitting for good? What kept you going?

Just trying to understand what the "becoming" part more from a man with experience.

Also 1 more question: Did you "know" that you would become successful?
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good question. applies to all of us!

doubts? of course. i still have doubts, every day. going in, i didnt know what to think. the first 20-25 demos i sent out were ALL turned down. ALL. i quit music as a profession once-in 1999. went to get a real job. kept doing music. it took off again in 2001, and that time it stuck. to this day, there are times where the response i get on things i have done or want to do is so varied that its hard to know what to do.

this has led me to realize that art truly is subjective. one man's trash is another mans treasure. it also means that "success" is really a crapshoot. so its REALLY important to be doing music cause its FUN, cause it you are just chasing a career, you have the makings of a horribly mal-adjusted personality sometime in the future.

my mentality going in was this: take every possible gig you get offered. period. if it pays, do it.

no, i didnt know i would be successful at all. i still question how successful ive been, because there are things that havent happened that i wish had. but again, its all relative....