What exactly is EMO???


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kenworth said:
he did say "skirting around this kind of music"

That I did

I don't think At the drive in would've taken too kindly to bieng lumped in with the emo movement. although i'd imagine there is less moshing at the average emo gig!

Its a shame someones nicked my copy of relationship of command cos that was my favorite album of theirs.

It was produced by ross robinson at the height of the nu metal boom.

did any one catch converge or etid on their last tour, I finally saw them in manchester and it was awesome.


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I want the "vaya ep". I have heard ONE song by at the drive in. All I've heard was "198d". My friend made me a mix with that song and I loved it.

I'm starting to wonder if emo is just a pop tread. I get confused when people talk about emo because so many people have different oppinions about it.

ah well, its not like I listen to it.



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He did take time off to work on his side project. at least im pretty sure of this.

two excellent bands that can be classed as 'emo' are quicksand and rival schools, they are both amazing. you should all download some.

Im new by the way. Sup.


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i dont actually like emo in any way i just think those to bands rock hard.. its like soundgarden and inme..soundgarden rock and inme suck blue chunks..
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