What do you look for in vocalists?


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first off i was really stoked to see this section, totally caught me off guard..hehe..anywho's...

When listening to vocalists (singers,rappers,etc.,etc.) what is it that really inspires you to listen, make music for, maybe even looking to work with or (at the risk of sounding....ugh..) helping cash in there meal ticket, and bringing them along for the ride?...sorry...hehe...

What do you look for in vocalists?
unusual voice.
there are a lot of great singers, but even in the heyday/golden age/whatever yall wanna call it, can yall think of anyone who sounds like Ron Isley?

didn't think so lol
looks like you guys got answers, dont think you really need me in here! ill chime in anyway :) (i kid!)

thats a really hard question. its not something i can put a finger on in an easy way. basically a "voice", and i mean that metaphorically, not literally. someone that is saying something(melodically OR lyrically) that resonates with me is what i look for. someone that can get me past the thought of "im listening to an mc/singer/whatever right now" and into "im listening to a SONG". tough question....
hehe, thanks for the reply! i can hear what your saying.At least i'm confident in my interpretation. :D