What do you call the "BO BO BO" thing in dancehall?


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You know in Simon Says by Pharoahe Monch in the hook when everyone starts saying shouting "BO BO BO BO!"? I believe KRS One included it in some songs too, and RZA alluded to it on Ain't Nothin To **** With.

But anyways, what is the proper name of this ad lib phenomenon? As a fan of dancehall I'd like to know.

Thanks in advance :)
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I don't know if it has a name. It might be an onomatopoeia/vocal sound effect thing like "Buyuka!" (which is supposed to be a machine gun sound).

Interestingly enough, there is a sect of Rastafarians called the Bobo Shanti. I have no idea if there's any connection.

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ive heard a lot of dnb "mc's" use it to fill space every few bars because they lack lyrical content.
but it seems to be a crowd hyping type of thing and i always wondered if it had to do with shots being fired from a weapon