What ASIO card to replace a SBLive! ??????


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What ASIO card to replace a SBLive! ?????


I'd like to replace my SBLive! to definetly solve latency troublesome and find better AN/NA conversion.

Even though in Cubase I am able to reach 12ms with APS drivers (Emu drivers adapted for Live! cards), it's not an ASIO card for all that.

Also Im not shure the card supports correctly multiple audio playback..It becomes hard to fine tune audio buffers to avoid stutters in Cubase...OK Ive got an AMD 350Mhz (with more than 200 Mo of RAM!). There is probably worse than me !

SoundFonts are really what I prefer with this card but think other cards may be able to manage sound libraries.

Finaly Im looking for an ASIO card with a good AN/NA conversion rate (20bits ?) for about the same Live! with digital I/O price. I don't care about Front Panel Connectors (Live!Drive or Isis) since I ain't got anything to plug.
Any suggestion ?

thx a lot

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As I've notised. Alot of programs are having trouble with ASIO soundcards. Then you have to get patches and so on to get it rigth.
Is it really worth the trouble?

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ASIO is very good to transfer signals between programs (for example, to route 16 channels from VST to a Pulsar II card and to route the signal back to VST for recording after FX were applied... very handy.

I think EVENT makes some really good soundcards with tons of I/O and great latency http://www.event1.com

I am not sure which card is the best now, as they've added new cards in their line, but I remember the Gina being a very reliable card two years ago.

Good luck


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ASIO, latency, cards, etc.

ASIO (and ASIO 2) is an interface (audio stream input output), kind of like a driver, developed by Steinberg, that "translates" between your hardware and software; so is Direct-X, Windows MME (multimedia extensions), EASI (Logic Audio), GSIF (gigasampler), and shitloads of others... right now, ASIO and ASIO 2 happen to be the best unless you're using Logic, in which case EASI is probably just as good...
...now that we're clear on that, most cards today support the ASIO format, as well as the others I've mentioned and even a few more... in fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a sound card or audio interface that didn't support ASIO (I don't know of any)... in case you don't know, 12ms latency is EXCELLENT, and with a few exceptions, you won't get better... the few possible exceptions are Creamware's Pulsar or SCOPE or other of their products, because they have their own DSP chips on the cards, and RME Audio's Digi and Hammerfall cards, because they have built-in ASIO hardware... finally, I think you mean A/D and D/A conversion, analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog...