What are good allround headphones?

Hiya all!

So as the titel suggests, i'm looking for good allround headphones. I know many people keep recommending the Beyerdynamic DT 770/990 pros, the Sennheiser HD 280 and the Sony MDR 7605(?). Also some recommend the AKG K702.
Thing is, most are either bass heavy or are lacking in bass. High end is usually pretty decent with this selection but I'm not too worried about the high end, mostly about the overall sound with a bit more worry on the bass. Since mixing the lows is still not my greatest point I'm looking for a pair of headphones that are neither lacking nor bass heavy, but I just can't seem to find any and I don't really have a store nearby to go test any of them.

So I'm wondering: are there any headphones that are a good allrounder for <€150,-? I'm looking for ones that can work for both producing, mixing and mastering. I just have a feeling there's a pair of headphones that are a good middle ground from the usual recommendations.

So if anyone has anything I'd like to hear it!

All those you listed (I’m especially partial to the Sony 7506s, as are many recording and film professionals) are fine. You do not want bass heavy/“Beats-like” phones for critical listening. You want balanced and accurate.

If you are talking about home entertainment/personal enjoyment, the sky is the limit (based on budget, of course). But any of the ones you listed, especially the Sony’s, are what you want for even-response professional use. That is why so many people use them. Another benefit is that they are fairly inexpensive, and pretty consistently so (around $100 U.S.).

I agree with rhythmgj.

To add your choices, I would recommend the Philips SHP9500 for general use. They usually sell between $60-$80.
You can watch review videos on Youtube about these headphones. (I recommend Z Reviews and Joshua Valour).
On forums and specific groups there are some who think these are overrated but based on my experience, people who don't like it are mostly nick-picking or own headphones that cost $500 and up.
You really can't go wrong with these.

They have a generally balanced sound and open-back design with decent imaging. Though, they might not be good for tracking/recording audio.
They are Hi-fi headphones so they are pretty good for leisurely listening to music too. They are also very comfortable, you'll literally forget they're on your head.

If you're into measurements and frequency graphs: SHP-9500 | DIY-Audio-Heaven
On the website I would say is pretty accurate but I would say the highs are not as harsh as they look on the graphs.

I truly think that these will give great bang for your buck in terms of overall sound quality compared to the ones you've mentioned.

quick recap.

Philips SHP9500

-General Neutral Sound
-very comfortable
-decent imaging & separation
-decent build quality
-removable/replaceable cable

-not for bass heads (but the bass is there and present)
-not great for tracking due to the open back design.
-low clamping force contributes to the comfort but may need some getting used to.

Last thing I strongly suggest is to avoid buying headphones that do not have replaceable cables. If the cables break, you'd have to repair them or throw them away. I never buy headphones without removable cables.

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