Welcome RJD2 to FP!

OMG OMG OMG, wow I am psyched. I didnt get the memo and posted all my questions here.... making a proper thread now.
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holy shit just noticed this section of the forums, definately one of the main guys who inspire me to make music. i don't know how many times i've listened to iced lightning, great to see you on here !
You know.. I didn't really know who this guy was until yesterday, I heard a song he did with Kenna.. Then I was browsing the forum and saw the name that looked familiar. and I was OMG He's on the forum.
I'm grateful that he's here on the forum.. He should have a classroom.
as in a different section of the forum dedicated to teaching us what we need to know. Not that we are all aiming to get rich off his knowledge. But we all want to make good music
Ok..here's a question:

Talking about making a career out of music...how much of it do you think is luck and how much do you think is about hard work and perseverance? Will the most talented always rise to the top? Or is it more about who you know/the connections you have?
great to see.

RJD2, where exactly in philly are you from? i'm also from that city
phirst-read the forum here. feel like we've discussed this ad nauseum.

PRPS-didnt grow up here, but in cols ohio. been in west philly for 8 years tho