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you are one of my favorite musicians and your music is the truth, much respect. with that said, i'm actully thrilled to be asking you something about your music directly. weatherpeople is one of my favorite tracks EVER, it still gives me chills whenever i hear it. I was wondering what was going through your head when you made that? Did you already have an idea of how you were going to arrange it before putting it down? Did you dig/chop/layer with an arrangement in mind? any insight into how you achieved that "haunting" sound would be great to hear about. thank you again
hey thanks. its really all in the samples, i can't take credit for that, really. arrangement wise, its just letting it-like other stuff i do-breathe. not swamping it. building tension, then release. repeat. pretty straight forward stuff if you use the analogy of storytelling or movies. dont blow your big surprise wow moment in the first 30 seconds.