VTT --- Virtual Turn Tables


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Hi, Since, I can't afford any REAL equipment I'm stuck with VTT, PC software to mix songs.

How can I cue, preview songs?
Do I need 2 sound cards?

If anyone can help me. I'd REALLY appreciate it. ICQ 8150311

Also, I need to learn how to get a shoutcast server up. Basically, I have all the programs needed jsut don;t know how to set up everything.


Dj Thy

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It's best to have two soundcards, but not necessary. If you read the help file that comes with VTT. It involves what they call a doohicky (in fact a jack splitter), but it' not that comfortable to use. Isuggest buying a second sound card (just a simple one, you don't need a expensive one). That way you can use phones to cue songs.
A little anecdote : a friend of mine didn't have the bucks to buy the real stuff, so he began with VTT. Later on he bought a mixer and some speakers and used them on his computer. Well, now he spins at parties, not by using TT's and Cdplayers, but using VTT :)

About Shoutcast, here's the way I do it. You have the server program do you? Well run the server program. Normally you won't get no errors. If you do try to correct them (the error messages are pretty explicit)
Then open up Winamp (with the Shoutcast plugin installed). In the system tray you'll see the icon from Shoutcast, open it up. There you can set up the preferences (bit rate, IP, port etc.)
Set the IP on localhost(default), since your own computer runs the server. The default port is good most of the time, unless you specified another one in the server.
Then click connect, and if your server reported no errors, it'll connect and start broadcasting.