Vicious Antelope - Synth Preset Packs List - Updated

Freebie soundbank for UAD Opal synth
soundbank contains 24 free evolving pads for Universal Audio Opal Morphing Synthesizer.

Grab your free copy at:

Presets walkthrough video

Cinematic Synths Vol.3 for Zebra released - Freebie

Cinematic Synths Vol.3 - The drums for Zebra 2 contains 25 percussive elements for your productions. They fit not only to cinematic music but also to electronic, house, techno or even more rock/metal styles. It is a great fit with Cinematic Synths Vol.1 & Cinematic Synths Vol.2.
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You can grab Cinematic Synths Series soundbanks at: Cinematic Synths for Zebra

Music Video - All music produced with our Cinematic Synths soundbanks

Presets were designed and run best with Zebra 10409 or newer

Hello Tolis! It's great to have you here. As a sound designer, it seems like you've created an impressive collection of soundbanks for various synthesizers. Your "Biome" series for Pigments 3 sounds intriguing, and I'm sure many music producers and enthusiasts would be interested in exploring the Mediterranean-themed soundbank.

Thank you for sharing the links to your products. I'm sure those interested in acquiring the Mediterranean soundbank for Pigments 3 or the Analog Lab V Edition will find the information useful. The introductory price until July 11, 2022, is certainly a great opportunity for people to grab these soundbanks at a discounted rate.
Arturia Korg MS-20 V and Analog Lab V expansion
Dark Leads
soundbank contains 103 primitive lead synth for Arturia Korg MS-20 V and Analog Lab V. Here there are dark sounding monophonic leads that vary from vintage and fat to synced and resonant and from gloomy and distorted to some modulation craziness.

Intro price 12€ until July 11th, 2023 (Normally 26€)

Presets walkthrough video

Soundbank for Arturia Synclavier V
Synclavier Sympan
contains 50 dystopic cinematic presets for Arturia Synclavier V and Analog Lab V synths. With its 37 evolving pads and 13 guitar pads all based on the custom samples that was used for our Pigments Sympan soundbanks series, this soundbank adds some dark dystopic atmospheres. A total of 50 custom samples are coming with the soundbank.

Intro price 6€ until July 17th 2023 (Normally 13€)

Presets walkthrough video

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Arturia Emulator II V and Analog Lab V Soundbank
contains 30 vintage pop synth keys for Arturia Emulator II V and Analog Lab V. All presets are based on guitars samples that was also used for our Sympan soundbanks for Pigments. From dark atmospheric guitars to short risers and from lofi pop keys to acid sounding synths they fit for vintage 80s pop as well as some vintage video games music compositions.

Price 5€

Presets walkthrough video

Soundbank for Arturia Mellotron V and Analog Lab V
Guitartron Vol.1
contains 30 patches for Arturia Mellotron V and Analog Lab V which are based on custom electric guitar samples. The sounds have this 60’s and 70’s feeling and they could fit to a variety of genres of that era progressive rock, krautrock, pop, rock and disco included.

Price 5€


Presets walkthrough video

Soundbank for Cherry Audio Octave Cat
Cat Pads
is our second soundbank for Cherry Audio Octave Cat Synthesizer. It contains 51 classic synth pads that fit for many music genres especially when a synthesized sound background is the goal. It can be used to cinematic, ambient, electronic music, techno, progressive rock and other.

Intro Price 6€ until July 22nd, 2023 (Normally 12€)


Presets walkthrough video