Verber (Electro house, Progressive house)


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Here is my latest track, let me know what you think!:) I´m interested to hear your thoughts about the arrangement/ mixing and the drop melody from 1.26 further on. But as always, all feedback is welcome!:)

I really like the vibe of the track. A few quick thoughts: some additional ambient crowd sounds could help to establish a setting for the track and add to the excitement, similarly, the track just seems to be begging for some samba style percussion (check out the percussion break on the end of this song for an idea what I mean ), in the event that you choose to go with this sort of groove, locking in the horn melody to the feel of the percussion could make that a much more memorable track.
Let me know if you have any questions.
If you get a chance, please have a look and provide feedback on the track that I posted over the weekend: lodger-foreman. Thanks!