Using NASA exoplanet data to create audio-visuals


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Hello all!

These past few months, I’ve been building [_new world], a web-based audio visual pattern library built in JavaScript. It uses the 'webmidi' library to funnel MIDI information from Ableton and display visuals based on a JSON composer object. This module-based system can use P5.js, Three.js, D3.js, Touch Designer renders, Blender Models, custom canvas instances, API fetching, or standard HTML & CSS.

I'm super excited to build this in JavaScript as it's allowing me to mix-and-match between these various technologies in the browser, with the hopes of scaling this eventually into live performances.

In this latest demo, I’m querying NASA’s exoplanet API to network map visuals in real time against MIDI data via Ableton, referencing "Orbital Period" & "Planet Radius" values.

I'd love to hear if people have worked with similar technologies.

Big ups,
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