USB-MIDI Interface


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can anyone recommend one that they are currently using? And can someone explain how a 1in- 1out interface equates to 16 X 16 Midi Channels?. . . and does that equate to 16 "instruments" or 16 "voices"?

I have UM-4 from Roland, and it is good. Little expensive maybe.

Sorry, I can't help you with the other question you had about instruments/voices that are 16.. hope somebody else helps us with this!!

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-thank you all for your reviews and advice. . .:D

-I just went and got a midiman midisport 2X2 (It's quite sporty, y'know). I'll let you know if it turns out to be a piece of crap. . .or if I can't figure it out.

-1 in / 1 out-means 16 x 16 midi channels because most midi instruments have 16 channels/voices/. . .at least that's what the guitar center dude told me
update # 1

-I would like to inform you that after I set up my quasi-studio, plugged my mickey mouse yamaha keyboard into my sporty, puke green midiman 2 X 2, and then plugged that into my laptop, I opened up Logic Fun, adjusted some settings, touched a key on the keyboard, and a sound came out of the puter


:monkey: "Hey PopD! How do you like my victory dance?"

. . .impressive, 'Inquisitive Jorge, the inquisitive small simian', impressive indeed.
i also have the midisport 2x2 it works so i dont have any complaints.

the 16 cannels are not voices, it so if you set up a chain of midi controlled instruments using a the midi ins outs and thrus you can assign each of them to a seperate channel and control 16 different instruments or effects via one output on your sequencer. if you are new to midi, sequencing and digital audio i would suggest taking a ride to the local bookstore and finding a book on the subject, the internet is also a great refence of course but i just find it easier to open a book then to search thru 600 sites full of garbage to find the one bit of info that i need.


-yeah, I've done research on midi before. . .I might as well be researching ancient Tibetan tablet translation manuals. . .

-I get to the 3rd page of my manual for the BOSS DR-5 and I feel inadequate and insignificant. . .

-can you recommend some "easy reading" when it comes to midi?:confused:

-don't tell me to "check the web":mad:

-thanks again:cool:
yeah i know what you mean, no tech manual is easy to read. i went to school for all this so i don't know any books off the top of my head, but if you live near a barnes and noble you can go in and sit down and read books, so you could find one that made some sense to you and buy that one. i know you said dont search the web but if you go to amazon or you can search for midi books and get reviews on them. if you aren't sure exactly what midi is, its probably best to start there and then move on to configuring it and setting up a midi studio. learning midi and digital audio can be a daunting task but there are more than enough resources out there to help you. one of them is this site. :) cheers mano