Unlock the dark side of Serum Vst [LEVITATION vol 2 Pack]

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Hello everyone,
I've been waiting for this moment for so long:

After a lot of hard work, diving into dystopian and terrifying soundscapes,
I can finally let you know that the first pack of 2024 is now available!

☠️ LEVITATION Volume 2: Dark Ambient for Xfer Serum VST ☠️

Levitation Volume 2 is a preset library for the Xfer Serum VST, crafted by Sonicspore,
specifically designed for the production of dark ambient soundscapes.

This pack enables you to compose a wide range of creative contexts, where the goal is to evoke suggestive, mysterious, or unsettling atmospheres.
These contexts include experimental, ambient music, film and TV soundtracks, video games, virtual experiences/live performances, and any situation where emphasizing the emotional element and immersing the listener in the experience is essential.

Within this pack, you'll have access to 64 presets categorized into three distinct sound types:

- Atmospheres of pure horror and sound putrefaction:
Delve into deep sounds with intertwining evolving tones,
generative noises designed for experimenting and improvising slow and shifting sonic journeys.

- Dissonant, meditative, unsettling pads:
Trace paths enveloped in an aura of paranoia with deep-toned textures and mysterious nuances.

- Mournful synths with dramatic contrasts:
Add mysterious elements, dark presences, and a sense of mysticism and ritual,
creating intriguing musical dynamics.

This collection, along with 'Levitation volume 1,' 'Serum Dark Elements,' and 'Gloomy Noises,' is inspired by artists and labels such as Lustmord, Atrium Carceri, Raison d'être, Dark Sanctuary, Kammarheit, Cryo Chamber.

All presets in this pack have been crafted from scratch to provide you with maximum originality. Macro controls are available for all presets, specially mapped to create infinite variations to the sounds you choose.
As a bonus, the pack includes a skin for Xfer Serum!

- 16 PADS

LEVITATION volume 2 is 100% Royalty Free!

*System required : Xfer Serum 1.363 or Higher
Demo preset sounds here:

Immerse yourself in dystopian and terrifying sonic territories, discover Levitation Volume 2 today!

direct link: https://sonicsporesounds.com/products/sonicspore-levitation-volume-2-dark-ambient-serum