Tutorial: How to chop samples


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I would choose recycle. imagine you have one sampleloop, just lets say it is about looping 2 or 4 bars. Just type into recycle that you want to loop 2 or 4 or 8 bars depedning and let recycle tell you the BPM. In some cases you can pitch up or down the soundmaterial. After that bounce or save as an audiofile and load it into your DAW. When you want to chop you make sure to use the calculated Bpm of recycle. Enjoy !!! You can play it choppy with Aki MPC Software or in Kontakt or with Sugarbytes Looperator you can make real cool Loops by slicing by time about 1/4 Note or 1/8 Notes. It hase a real easy to understand interface and you can use it very simple to create coolest sliced loops by Notesslices.

Another one is in FL Studio the slicer channel is also sometimes cool to trigger by MIDI.

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whats up man i just got the Mk2 Maschine joint and im having a hard time recording my sliced samples from the slice screen. It wont record but will record all other instruments in other groups but not my samples from the slice screen