Tutorial: How to chop samples

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Good video if your starting out and just want a lil "how to" thing but it's best to experiment and find what works for you with what your trying to do.


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This is amazing!!! I am really bad at chopping and flipping samples! But i'm good at making beats without samples! Thanks a-lot this has helped me so much! I have been trying to flip samples for a couple weeks now and it makes the quality of a track (Especially) Hiphop have more feel and meaning especially when you flip it right ;)


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It's wack how when you chop a sample up into 32 pieces you can't go to a different pad bank like on the MPC and play the other 16 slices in that pad different bank. Once you chop it into 32 pieces, only the first 16 chops go to the pads and the other 16 disappear. Native Instruments needs to fix this problem.