The last track I'll get to write for a while :(


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Due to moving to the other side of the world for an unknown period of time, my music set up is staying put for the time being meaning this will likely be the last thing I write for a good while. So enjoy the latest theatrical epic and let me know what you think.

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Luna Moon

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Hey nm133775, I enjoyed your piece. It's building up very nicely and I especially liked the break.
I'm sorry you will have to quit for a while. But maybe you will find another way to keep going. I wish you all the best and a great start at the other side on the world. :)


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Thanks a lot. I like the break too it's my favourite part. And then my friend said it made her fall asleep. Haha. :D Hopefully something will get worked out.

In the mean time though, rather than just rot away musically, I have released an album. I'll link it if you or anyone else is interested in streaming it.

Magnus Dei | Nick Meredith

Thanks for your comment.


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Can't you take a laptop and a midi keyboard? I don't know what I would do without music.

The track is awesome. Builds beautifully and adds on to what has been just enough to keep my ears perked.