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In my opinion, the thing that will make or break warping in Live is the "Set 1.1.1 here" command.

It is the first thing I do when I begin to warp things, as ableton's transient detection does not always play nice with things that are not glued to a grid or don't have clear transients.
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I'm a producer and I want to get into recording vocals and just the whole engineering world. Is Ableton Live good for doing that? I don't need it to produce beats I use my MPC for that I just need something to record vocals and mix them. I'm not a die hard Pro Tools kind of guy so I'm trying to find something different.



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I'd say something more geared towards recording. You can get the job done with Ableton, but there's better qualified Daws out there when it comes to features for recording. I mean like take lanes, comping, individual clip gain etc. You may not necessarily use this right away, but its better not to get so comfortable with a Daw to later find out its behind in some useful features you may want. Ableton kind of does just enough to get audio recorded with the absolute basics you need of editing audio and I'm a big Ableton user saying that.

Reaper, Cubase, ProTools, Studio One, Sonar, Logic are worth looking at.

I recommend trying out Reaper first though because you can use it as much as you want without dropping cash on it before you actually learn the fundamentals. You can go to the site and grab it now.

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Thanks for the tips I was looking at cubase as well because I know someone who uses it. You really helped meoout a lot.


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Hello all, I purchased Ableton Live Intro in Nov. 2015. From working and learning the software I fell in LOVE with Ableton and looking to upgrade to the Live Suite version. The price range is out of my hands, but I was wondering if anybody has a discount coupon I could use or know any other way I could receive one. If you have any information please reply or direct message. Thanks and keep working!


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Hello all, I love super LOVE Ableton Live!! It's serious upgrade from using my MPC Studio as a stand alone. Currently have the Intro version of Live and wishing to upgrade to Suite. The price range is a little out of my budget so I'm asking if any of you fellow Ableton users have an extra coupon on hand? This is the season of giving, if you can help please let me know. Stay blessed.


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I found this on reddit yesterday. This chick is making videos going through the ableton live manual. I've watched a few and thought you guys might benefit too. This is the playlist so far. It's the youtube site with the following extension.


I have created a way to play DrumRack cells chromatic (16 level Pitch) with any controller

yes its possible

16 Level Pitch Ableton Drumrack Mode for use with Push, Ni Maschine (in 16 level velocity mode) or with any controller + my 16 Level Midi Effekt Rack.

16 Level Midi Effect Rack Download : - 16LevelvelocityMidiRack.rar

tutorial video with ni maschine.


Change Drumrack pad/Cell in to Sampler. and activate 16 level velocity mode for this pad.

then follow the steps below:

1. sampler Miditab: Velocity to "Pitch (M)" , amount: 33
2. sampler Pitch/OSC Tab: Transpose: Transpose-value +2 (for example , if sample was +3 before , it should be +5 now) ,Detune +12
3. sampler Filter/global-Tab: Vol-Vel: 0 % (otherwise: higher pitch =higher Velocity)

after that....if you want to play the sample without 16 level pitch in his root-pitch, you should play the drumrack cell with fixed velocity value 47, or cancel the first 3 steps.

Root-pad/cell in 16 level pitch mode is F1.

i have successfully testet it with ni maschine 16 vel level mode and with my midi efect rack.
with push 16 level velocity mode, it should be working long as the velocity steps are as the following:

1: 7
2: 15
3: 23
4: 31
5: 39
6: 47 root-note
7: 55
8: 63
9: 71
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